Board and Staff

Bob Sittig


Bob Sittig is the retired administrator of Seattle First Baptist Church. As a result of his association with the church, he has watched Diverse Harmony grow since its inception as the chorus has rehearsed at that facility throughout its existence. A retired Mechanical Engineer he spent his career in industrial process machinery design and corporate management. As a father of three and a grandfather of seven, Bob has an appreciation for the struggles young folks face in today’s fast pace environment and he feels that Diverse Harmony plays an essential part in providing a safe and encouraging place for those who can’t find it elsewhere.

Steve Walker

Vice President

Steve Walker is the Vice President of Diverse Harmony. He was formerly the Executive Director of the National Gay Pilots Association and a retired airline pilot. He also served on a commission and was on the Board at Seattle First Baptist Church. He and his husband now live in Palm Springs full time but is still able to return to Seattle to be with his Diverse Harmony family. He is excited to serve our queer youth at Diverse Harmony and help them gain their own identities through the love and sharing of music. As a music “geek” throughout school, music was his primary escape while dealing with his own sexual identity.

Daneil Newcomb


Daneil is a social services provider for youth and young adults in the Seattle Area. Their work focuses on empowering young people and assisting multiply marginalized folks in getting their needs met. Daneil has been with Diverse Harmony for ten years, first as a singer and now as a member of the Board of Directors. Outside of the social justice sphere, they enjoy making music, reading, baking, and building community.

Bryant Vehrs


Bryant attended the MA Psychology program at the College of William and Mary followed by the Clinical Psychology PhD program at University of Colorado, then a Psychology Internship with the University of Washington Medical School. Bryan worked with the Adolescent Clinic to facilitate the Gay and Lesbian Rap Group, the Gay and Lesbian Youth Association, and assisted with establishing Lambert House, and served as a board member of Ingersoll Gender Center. From early 1984 to 2009, Bryant was also a singer with the Seattle Men’s Chorus and witnessed the founding and initial successes of Diverse Harmony.

Heidi Toppel

Business Manager

Heidi comes to Diverse Harmony as a Companis volunteer. She is a retired CPA and tax attorney. She serves on the boards of NARAL Pro-Choice WA, New Dawn Guatemala and the Seattle International District Rotary Club.

J. Allen Leslie

Artistic Director

Allen has been teaching Music in the Shoreline School District for twenty-four years, led choirs as a Music Director, and worked for various churches in the Seattle area including Woodland Park UMC, St Thomas More, Sandpoint UMC and Aldersgate UMC. He received his initial training at the University of Washington earning a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance from the school of music, a Bachelor of Arts in education from the school of education and a music endorsement (K-12 Choral) through the UW school of music. He has since earned a master’s degree in curriculum development and an endorsement in public school administration through SPU.  He has two grown sons and a grandson, and this year celebrates twenty years with his husband.

Judith Card

Web Manager

Judith originally came to Diverse Harmony as a Companis placement. She continues working with Diverse Harmony with online maintenance, IT and in a fund-raising role. She loves working with the group. Judith is a writer, runs a web design business, co-owns both an art business and production company, and was formerly a professional musician.

Niko Purcell

Recruitment Facilitator

Niko is a former choir member turned facilitator of recruitment efforts.  She is a graduating senior from Western Washington University studying English – she enjoys telling stories and learning about other people’s lives and struggles through reading. Niko has witnessed Diverse Harmony in some of its very exciting moments, such as performing in Denver, and is eager to enlighten queer youth on the positive impacts joining the choir can have on one’s life! She is excited to do her part in making queer youth feel welcome, safe and part of a larger community. She can attest to the healing powers of singing in a group of people, made even more healing when that group consists of like-minded queer friends!