2021 Summer Music Camp

Diverse Harmony is an American youth chorus based in Washington for youth between the ages of 13 and 20.  Founded in 2002, it is the first Gay-Straight Alliance youth chorus in the United States. Today, Diverse Harmony is an LGBTQ-Ally youth chorus, and our stated mission is “to create a safe, affirming environment where everyone is accepted for who they are.” In addition to singing members, the chorus has an extensive support network of volunteers, subscribers, and donors; they are also a non-profit organization. Diverse Harmony is a member of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (GALA Choruses), and was the first youth chorus to participate in a GALA Choruses Festival. The chorus appeared in the independent film Why We Sing, which has been screened at LGBT film festivals.

As is the case with all of us, this last year has been tough, especially for our youth. We have been on hiatus for several months now with the plan to have our choristers meet again in the fall.

First though, we are going to provide eight weeks of zoom classes for all youth who are interested in becoming a better choral sight reader. This weekly Zoom program will start on July 6 at 7pm until August 24. It has been created by our Artistic Director, Allen Leslie. Allen is a music teacher for the Shoreline School District.

This is an exciting opportunity for our youth to improve their choral capabilities and experience. Also, they can consider joining the Diverse Harmony chorus once school starts in September. There is no fee to join or dues to pay – just show up on Tuesday evenings and sing!

Eight Week Summer Music Camp Syllabus

Eight Weeks to becoming a better choral sight reader:

July 6                     Rhythm reading (beat and the subdivided beat)

July 13                   Understanding time signature (simple and compound)

July 20                   Understanding and reading intervals (minor and major scale)

July 27                   Sight reading for the singer (three basic steps)

Aug 3                     Choral harmony (four part singing and where I fit in)

Aug 10                   Understanding key signature (the circle of fifths and constructed scale)

Aug 17                   Basic keyboard (playing my part)

Aug 24                   Composition (creating using Beat, Rhythm, Intervals and Harmony)


Please print, sign, and email the following forms to: chorusmgr@diverseharmony.org

Diverse Harmony Summer Camp registration form

DH Anti-Harassment Policy form

Event Flyer:

Please feel free to post or share this flyer PDF and here is one formatted to share on Social Media.